I'm Sashi! I'm 31 years old, a birth doula, nursing student, graphic designer and mum to 3 rambunctious kiddos aged 7, 5 and 3. I've always enjoyed photography and have a creative background in graphic design so the two have always gone hand in hand for me but I've only really taken my passion for photography seriously since becoming a birth doula in February 2017. I offered to take photos at a few of my clients’ births and it was like I finally FELT something through my lens for the first time. I LOVE birth. I am absolutely enamoured by the raw, intimate, unscripted beauty of it. I had the honour of experiencing photography in a way I never had before, capturing real and almost tangible emotion. As I started attending more and more births, my creativity and passion started to flow more and my camera started to follow me everywhere!

I now love many areas of photography but am most drawn to photography that centres around mothers and families as that's where my heart truly lies. I aim to capture the raw, truthful, intimate, and unscripted beauty of your life – the stuff that makes you YOU!

I feel so honoured to be able to give families priceless memories to treasure forever and so look forward to meeting you and the loves of your life in future! 

Sashi xx